Maximize Small Business Partnerships through IDIQ Contracts

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Winning and promoting Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicles are critical for success in the Federal Market.  IDIQ contracts are typically awarded to several companies who then compete for task orders issued against them. Companies are able to maximize small business partnerships through IDIQ vehicles, and complete in smaller pools of contractors. The benefit to the government is a reduction in cost, administrative effort, the ability to consolidate acquisitions, and distribution of solicitations to a known pool of contractors.

What is an IDIQ?

IDIQs may take a number of forms.  For example, the General Services Administration (GSA) issues IDIQs called Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), largely focused on Information Technology products and services, with a contractor pool of both large and small businesses. GSA Schedules, another contract vehicle administered by GSA, include a wide variety of products and services, and, like GWACs, may be used by many if not most federal agencies, and under certain conditions, non-federal government entities.

Another form of IDIQ is a Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle which is an internal resource for use by a specific Department or Agency. An example of a MAC is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) EAGLE multiple-award IDIQ contract vehicle. Under EAGLE, any of the DHS’s 22 Agencies have a preferred resource of Information Technology (IT) service providers to meet their enterprise infrastructure and initiative requirements. The various DHS components may issue orders on a Cost Reimbursement, Time and Materials (T&M), Labor Hour, or Firm-Fixed Price in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Why do IDIQ’s matter?

From fiscal year 2010-present, there is a documented surge in the use of small businesses and various small business set-asides, especially within the Department of Defense.  Therefore, a small business with contract vehicles and IDIQs, is an ideal partner to both large and small businesses. Pairing organizations complementary skills separates a small business team from the competition.

Teaming, subcontracting, and marketing the GWAC, MAC, or GSA Schedule is vital to realizing the return on investment for pursuing each contract vehicle and contract administration requirements. Remember that the contract is just a “license to hunt”.  The success of the hunt is determined by promoting the program within the various Government Agencies and Departments, reaching out to potential partners, and ultimately, submitting excellent, responsive proposals.

Small Business Partnerships

Partner with Trofholz and realize the maximum benefit of collaborating with an experienced and quality-driven small business that has significant IDIQs available. Critical infrastructures; assets, systems, and networks so vital to the United States that incapacitation or destruction would threaten security, the economy, public health, or safety. To protect these systems, the Government needs high tech solutions. As innovators, small businesses, such as Trofholz, challenge incumbents with newer technologies and solutions.  Our ability to secure critical infrastructures  and critical control systems is at the leading edge of technology.

Trofholz has a strong presence in the government market.  With our technical capabilities, intentional use and promotion of our numerous IDIQs, we are a strategic prime contractor and subcontractor. Our team helps educate customers on the best use of our contract vehicles.  We stand ready to join with other highly qualified partners to provide technology solutions to our government customers.


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David Raymond joined Trofholz in October of 2002. As one of the founding team members, Dave is affectionately known at Trofholz as "The Godfather" and has filled numerous roles over the years from Project Manager, Technical Program Manager, Operations Director, to Vice President of Business Development.
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