Who We Are

Your Sacramento Electronic and Cyber Security Provider

Trofholz Technologies is a Sacramento Electronic and Cyber Security provider. A Woman-Owned; Veteran-Owned Small Business, we are located in Sacramento, California, just a short drive from Downtown. Since 2002, we have provided Physical Security Systems, Electronic Security Systems, IT/Cyber Security Services to clients across the globe.

With completed projects across the nation, Trofholz grew and secured its industry reputation by securing critical infrastructures. To do this, we successfully built, and then maintained and secured multiple large, enterprise systems for global clients. As a result, our completed work at multiple facilities across the nation and overseas gives confidence in our ongoing performance. By working with us, you have a small business partner with large scale experience.

Our team ensures that we meet all regulatory, compliance, and mission requirements to protect critical infrastructure assets. In addition, we offer manufacturer certified staff, and ensure our experts meet your exacting safety standards. A Sacramento Electronic and IT Security provider with global experience, our team knows how to do compliant work. At the beginning of each project, we identify the local regulations and requirements. Following a thorough review, we adapt and incorporate them in to our projects and processes. Also, we take security seriously, we offer staff with the required clearances to be on your site.

With a dedication to quality, we are ISO 9001 certified and focused on customer satisfaction. Finally, our entire team is here to ensure your facilities and information are safe, secure, and under control.


Trofholz puts your mission first by truly listening so we understand your business needs. Our team then uses our knowledge to empower you with the information you need. Then, we determine the most effective solution for your business together. In this way, we ensure all Trofholz solutions meets your requirements and exceed your expectations.

“Your Mission, Our Commitment”


Our founding principles and core values are Quality, Commitment, Creativity, Integrity, and Team.


We establish clear standards and deliver to them.


We hold ourselves accountable and do what we say we are going to do.


We are resourceful and continuously look for the most effective solutions.


Our actions represent our beliefs; we do what is right.



We are positive and flexible team players who treat everyone with respect.