Trofholz: A Legacy of Vision and Commitment

Leon TrofholzTrofholz is my grandfather’s family name. “It was Leon Trofholz’ vision and commitment that inspired me to build my own company based on his values. He encouraged me to aspire beyond limitations, regardless of how challenging a situation might seem. He often counseled, ‘If you want to be more, you can. Just be prepared to do more to make it happen.’ My grandfather’s principles guide us as we contribute to every client’s success.”

—Yvonne Pire
Founder, President & CEO

Physical Security

Cyber Security

The Trofholz Creed

Our founding core values are known by Trofholz employees as  Quality, Commitment, Creativity, Integrity, and Team.

QUALITY – We establish clear standards and deliver to them.

COMMITMENT – We hold ourselves accountable and do what we say we are going to do.

CREATIVITY – We are resourceful and continuously pursue the most effective solutions.

INTEGRITY – Our actions represent our beliefs; we do what is right.

TEAM – We are positive and flexible team players who treat everyone with respect.