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Trofholz was honored to recently work with the Fisher House Charleston, a non-profit organization that provides temporary accommodations to veterans and their families while receiving medical attention at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, Charleston, South Carolina. The Fisher House works completely off of donations to assist their mission and support their military community.


The Project

The Fisher House Charleston needed a compatible CCTV video monitoring system. It had to be up to government quality and industry standards to work with the VA hospital, yet customized to fit their preserved historic residential location. They sought out Trofholz for our work in the area with Police systems in Columbia, SC, and requested that we take on this project. The team at Fisher House Charleston understood that Trofholz has a proven track record in the area. They chose us because we provide quality products and services, and understand the importance of working with the customer.

The Solution

Trofholz representatives worked with the VA manager and the Fisher House Charleston security team. Together we created a solution that benefited all involved, met their security requirements. Our solution improved the security of the grounds and safety of the guests at Fisher House. The new system included an enterprise scale of CCTV cameras, video storage, client workstations, testing and overall installation of systems. We took into account the unique requirements of their residential location,  vastly different from typical business or industrial construction.

The ultimate solution for the Fisher House was based on and built out on their requirements and needs. We ensured it was compatible with a preexisting system at the VA hospital. The team at Trofholz worked hard to ensure our solutions met the overall goals of the Fisher House. These systems maximize efficiency and compatibility for the people who use the systems every day. We always do our best to be accommodating and strategize with the client as much as possible. Foremost is our commitment to our customers, ensuring they are happy with the end result and the systems we install last long term.  

The Results

The hospital and the Fisher House organization had a tight timeline. There were only a few months from initial concept to installation. Our team was able to exceed their expectations and have the system up and running within 60 days. We completed installation in only a few days, despite on-site changes and adaptation of timelines.

Overall, video surveillance systems have a huge impact on the security of a space.  Not only can surveillance cameras deter criminals, they can help law enforcement quickly catch any would-be criminals. Even more important for this client, they were not trying to save a business from theft. The goal is ensuring security for the veterans and their families in the time that they’re at the Fisher House.


From the Fisher House Charleston Manager

“You and your team were very professional throughout the process, couldn’t have asked for better customer service.  I appreciate you keeping us updated during the installation so that we were always aware of where we were in the process, what had been completed and what was left to do.  Thank you again for making this a smooth process…”


The security, CCTV and stations for the Fisher House Charleston added a defensive layer system that works with the existing staff and systems.  Security and police that work with the VA hospital now have visibility in areas where they previously didn’t. This creates a more efficient use of manpower and safety for the officers. In addition, onsite managers can maintain visibility to provide alerts as needed, and retain video footage if necessary.

Ultimately, the guests and staff at the Fisher House are better protected,

and that’s what truly matters to our team!

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Trofholz Technologies is a Woman-Owned; Veteran-Owned Small Business located in Sacramento, California, just a short drive from downtown. Since 2002, Trofholz has developed a solid performance reputation securing critical infrastructures by successfully completing multiple large, enterprise systems for federal clients across the nation and overseas. This federal experience provides our local California state and commercial clients with a small business vendor that has large scale experience. We specialize in Physical Security, Information Security, and related IT Services. Our team ensures that we meet all regulatory compliance and mission ready requirements to protect critical infrastructure assets. With a dedication to quality, Trofholz is devoted to maintaining and constantly improving our ISO 9001:2015 Certification and customer satisfaction.
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