IT Services and Products

Trofholz provides related IT Services and operates as a certified reseller of a wide range of Technology Products. We design information systems that provide our customer with superior results by optimizing performance, security and cost.

With Trofholz IT Services and Products, You Are Able to:

  • Balance Performance, Security, and Cost
  • Attain Maximum Business Productivity
  • Rapidly Deploy Tailored, Flexible Solutions
  • Optimize Your Enterprise Systems
  • Support Your Mobile Workforce

Trofholz Delivers:

  • Total Cost of Ownership Surveys
  • Data Transmission Cabling
  • Network Management
  • Help Desk
  • Collaborative Audio Visual Systems
  • Reseller of IT Hardware and Software

IT Total Cost of Ownership Surveys

Our experienced professionals conduct site surveys to effectively identify existing cabling infrastructure, systems, equipment quantities, and provides the appropriate technical information for your specific needs. We work with you to define an accurate financial estimate to determine the direct and indirect costs of your systems.

We Design, Integrate, & Support the following solutions:

Data Transmission Cabling

Trofholz utilizes our structured cabling experience to install your Data Transmission Cabling uses a physical data-transmission to connect together the various devices on a network. Our highly skilled team of practiced professionals take pride in our attention to detail and quality workmanship.

Network Management

Network security and proper network management is an integral factor in securing your infrastructure. Our personnel leverage enterprise management tools, methodologies, and processes to deliver expert network systems administration.

Help Desk

Our personnel leverage enterprise management tools, methodologies, and processes to deliver expert Help Desk administration. Our facilities O&M solutions focus on meeting all customer requirements while also helping to manage the entire enterprise.

Collaborative Audio Visual Systems

From collaborative conference rooms to training rooms, Trofholz provides complete Audio Visual solutions for your needs. Our powerful integration of information technology and communication capabilities allow our customers to work quicker and more efficiently and to communicate across vast distances. We design and build high-tech AV systems through the powerful integration of information technology and communication capabilities. These systems allow for the rapid gathering of information, efficiently disseminating information, completing work faster and a reduction in travel costs.

Reseller of IT Hardware & Software

We offer leading IT products and software to maintain consistent network management and IT support. We partner with dozens of manufacturers to provide our customers with a diverse range of products to fit all their needs.