Yvonne Glenn founded Trofholz Technologies in 2001 and incorporated in 2002. Building on her military and corporate experience, Mrs. Glenn quickly established Trofholz as a superior service provider and systems integrator in the federal contracting arena.

One of the company's earliest contracts was for the Defense Language Institute (DLI) at the Presidio of Monterey – where the onsite support team began with just two full-time employees in 2002 and rapidly expanded to provide blanket support for DLI. This was a direct result of a performance level described as "Exceptional" by the G6/CIO, LTC Jorge Serafin.

Over the past decade, Trofholz has expanded to serve client locations across the globe, including the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, United Kingdom, South Korea, and Japan.

Trofholz is my grandfather's family name.

"It was Leon Trofholz' vision and commitment that inspired me to build my own company based on his values. He encouraged me to aspire beyond limitations, regardless of how challenging a situation might seem. He often counseled, 'If you want to be more, you can. Just be prepared to do more to make it happen.' My grandfather's principles guide us as we contribute to every client's success."

- Yvonne Glenn
Founder & CEO